Your Guide To Trousers For Every Occasion

Whether you’re dressed to the nines or just plain dressed down, the right trouser can help you nail your aesthetic. Trousers for men come in a host of fabrics, designs and styles that give you the conviction to pull off any look you wish. Be it dress pants, chinos or khakis, men’s trousers have a lot to offer and are easy to pair with most items in a man’s closet such as solid shirts and t-shirts with different necklines and shoes such as loafers or brogues.

Formal pants

Formal trousers for men are usually reserved for professional situations and can be paired with solid shirts. Try opting for colours such as dark grey, navy blue, dark brown or just plain black for your men’s formal trousers as neutral colours mean less hassle in planning an outfit and racking your brain to make the colours complement each other. Floral and striped shirts work beautifully with men’s formal trousers. Add a belt to the mix to loop in the whole outfit together.

formal trousers for men
formal trousers for men


An easy to wear and fashionable fix when it comes to men’s trousers are chinos. They are immensely versatile and come in many shades and designs, making them ideal for casual, smart casual and business casual outfits. Be it summer or winter, you can always rely on chinos for men to deliver your fashion statement without a hitch and with total comfort.  Pair your chinos with a floral shirt and loafers for a summer-ready look. Alternatively, you can pair a polo t-shirt or a henley as well.

chinos for men


Khakis are usually viewed as workwear but has become a part of men’s mainstream fashion. They are heavier and more on the utilitarian side than chinos and can be thicker than other trousers for men. Pair your khakis with solid t-shirts or button down shirts. You can opt for henleys as well. 

trousers for men
trousers for men


These roomy trousers for men are great for any season. Rock these pants with total confidence by pairing them with a polo t-shirt or a solid shirt. If you’re going for camouflage cargo pants, a black t-shirt or a henley is a safe choice.

cargo pants
cargo pants

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